Valkie (valkyri) wrote in whip_enthusiast,

First lesson

My daughter had her first whip lesson/practice last night. She looked so sweet standing out their on the front lawn with her white bandana, safety glasses, and flowered winter coat on and my snake whip in her hand. She learned to crack it and does so naturally and with ease. She knows the difference between the snake whip and the bullwhip (and tells everyone that walks by), and she told me "that piece on the end is what makes the sound" which I thought was very insightful for an eight year old.

My son came home and decided to give it a whirl too (quite literally) and he also seemed to pick it up naturally. I struggle to learn, yet my children seem to just 'do it' (the nike generation) I'm half proud, half envious, yet I wonder if it's something that is best learned as a child?

Anyhow, it seems that my girl would like to continue to learn and my son would not only like to learn the whip but he wants to make one of his own. At the last munch we'd decided to have a whip making party, so he'll have an opportunity to do that too.

Later I'll post some pics of my little snake, and Caspy's bullwhip - I would love to see other people's favourite whips too.

Happy Cracking ;-)
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