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Whip Enthusiasts

For whip makers, whip masters, whip enthusiasts, and their fans

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This is a community for whip enthusiasts, whip makers, and whip admirers. This is a community dedicated to the sport of whip cracking.

The objective is to discuss:

  • Whip use

  • Whip care

  • Whip making

  • Techniques

  • Styles

  • Safety

  • Competitions

  • Advertise local practices

  • Advertise competitions

  • Advertise wares

  • Educate people on the above items

The rules are:

  • Large posts and pics behind an lj-cut tag

  • Sexually oriented content behind an lj-cut with a **WARNING**

  • Entries not following the above will be deleted

  • Enjoy yourself (no flames!)

This community is centered around all those that use and love whips for any reason. Although it's acknowledged that whips can be, and are, used for bdsm purposes, this is not a bdsm forum. If your whip skills are focused in that area, you are more than welcome to participate, but please respect that whipping is also a recreational family sport and have respect for those here that have no interest in anything but the sport of it.
Distasteful or off topic posts will be deleted. I hope that no moderation will be necessary.